EQUUS: From strength to strength on social media

Trusted Equine Network brand marks impressive online milestone
infographic of equine dental development
An EQUUS infographic that proved especially popular on social media

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., September 8, 2023—Since 1977, EQUUS has been the resource for those striving to take the best possible care of the horses they love. Now the trusted Equine Network brand has soared to new heights as a social media go-to, as well.

After boasting a reach of 1 million on its Facebook page during a 28-day period in July, EQUUS did that one better in August—racking up a reach of 1.4 million. On Facebook, “reach” is defined as the number of unique users who view a post or page.

Proving that outstanding content translates as well to digital delivery as it does print magazines, EQUUS continues to embrace a forward-looking approach to its core mission.

“While the print magazine built the foundation of the EQUUS brand, our social media offerings have allowed us to reach a new generation of horsekeepers,” says Content Manager Christine Barakat. “We see social media platforms as another channel for providing authentic, accurate and entertaining information to horse enthusiasts.”

A signature mix

If you’ve yet to experience EQUUS, there’s no time like the present. As entertaining as it is educational, this insightful and inclusive brand both delights and instructs with its signature mix of handy tips, well-researched informational articles, poignant podcasts and relevant videos. You’ll also enjoy EQUUS’ carefully curated blend of news and features from around the horse world.

If you’re ready to take horse care and enjoyment to the next level, EQUUS is ready to help.


Since 1977, EQUUS has led the way in offering the accurate, up-to-date information you need to take the best care possible of your horse. Each issue of EQUUS Magazine is packed with articles on the latest veterinary advances, physiology, behavior and other vital topics. EQUUS provides hands-on instruction and helpful advice from the world’s foremost authorities on horse care.

About Equine Network LLC

Equine Network’s membership services are designed to entertain, support and inform the equine community, and include unique tech-enabled services for horse owners, live equestrian events, innovative content and engaging digital experiences. For more information, visit www.equinenetwork.com.




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