Horse Care


Good news and bad news about senior horse care

Scientific advances have helped horses live longer healthier lives, but caring for old horses can take a toll.


The basic facts about Lyme disease in horses

This insidious infection is a persistent threat to horse health in some parts of the country. Here's what you need to know to protect your horse.


Troubling side effect of heaves discovered

New research from Canada suggests that the failure to control respiratory disease in horses puts them at risk for heart failure.


A very EQUUS Thanksgiving

As Americans give thanks for our many blessings, this is a good time to reflect on the individuals and institutions that help make our lives and those of our horses so much better.


Three things to do for your arthritic horse this winter

Just as your own joints may ache more in the winter, older, arthritic horses feel the cold more than their younger herdmates. But you can help keep them comfortable.


Prevent colic this winter

The risk of impaction colic increases dramatically for all horses in the winter, but there are things you can do to make it less likely.


Winter care for horses with heaves

The cold season can be especially hard on horses with heaves but there are things you can do to keep them breathing easier.


Tips for preventing winter weight loss

Older horses often drop weight during the winter but they don't have to. Here's how to head off problems.


What we know and don't know

Rather than dismissing a study because it covers something you “know,” take the time to read about it to see what else there might be to learn.


Tips for keeping your older horse warm and healthy this winter

Older horses don’t necessarily have more trouble keeping warm than do their younger herdmates, but if they do get chilled the consequences can be more significant. Here’s how to fend off the cold..


5 tips for budget-friendly horsekeeping

Cutting costs doesn't have to mean compromising on your horse's care. In fact, some of measures may actually help improve his health while saving money in the process.


5 ways to protect your horse from pigeon fever

No vaccine is available to prevent Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis infection, so your best bet is protective management.


Dollar Store Finds: For Your Horse's Health

Trim your horse-keeping expenses by buying some of your incidentals at your local dollar store.


Pigeon fever treatments

Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis infections in horses (pigeon fever) take different forms that require different therapeutic approaches. When Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis bacteria enter a horse’s body, usually via insect bites or breaks in the skin, the infection can take three different forms. Here are the treatments for each form of pigeon fever:


Why Some Horses Have "Sticky" Stifles

The ability to “lock” the stifle joint in place allows a horse to snooze while standing with minimal muscular exertion but sometime the structure won’t readily unlock, which presents a problem.


How much does your horse weigh?

If you don't have a livestock scale, determining how much a horse weighs can be a challenge. But here are two fairly accurate ways of estimating your horse's weight.


Dollar Store Finds: For Grooming Your Horse

Trim your horse-keeping expenses by buying some of your incidentals at your local dollar store.

Equine herpesviruses are easily passed from horse to horse.

Know your equine herpesviruses

A total of nine equine herpesviruses have been named, but only five are found in domestic horses. Here are the five types found in domestic horses.

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A Global Outlook on Equine Nutrition

Equine nutrition researcher Gulsah Kaya Karasu, DVM, travels the world to help improve the diets—and welfare— of horses.

Three horses together at a fence

Identifying 'silent' strangles carriers

New research suggests that screening practices can help identify seemingly healthy horses carrying pathogens that can infect herd mates.


When change is good

Although the lexicon of horsemanship is often slow to change, it's important that we update our management traditions based on scientific progress.


Rescue Horse Rehab: Step 1

Restoring a horse’s physical and mental health can be challenging but rewarding. The first step is to address the horse's immediate needs.


3 Skills Every Rescue Horse Needs

Restoring the physical and mental health of an abused or neglected horse can be a long process, but in the early stages it's important to teach him three basic skills.


Pain relief potential of ketorolac in horses investigated

In a recent trial, the efficacy of ketorolac in treating hoof pain in horses was no better than for commonly used medications. But, say researchers, more studies are needed.