Horse Health

closeup shot of legs of galloping horse during a turn
Study identifies genetic component in Thoroughbred fracture risk
Registration Opens for Purdue University Equine Wellness Forum
Vet taking a horse's temperature
Horse Health Tips: Taking a horse's temperature
Araberhengst in Box
How air pollution affects your horse’s health
Do right by your retired horse
hand on haltered horse's jaw, taking pulse
Horse Health Tips: Taking a digital pulse
Tame your horse’s anxiety
Shot of an attractive young veterinarian standing with a horse and its owner on a farm
Synchrony study: Lifetime cost of horse ownership drastically underestimated
Horses pulling a cart at sunrise
Study traces genetics of night blindness in TWH, other breeds
Man in purple shirt holding stethoscope to horse's neck to check respiration rate
Horse Health Tips: Measuring respiratory rate
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A woman looking over a fence with a horse next to her
Planning your horse's retirement
Group of ponies in New Forest National Park, near Southampton (England, UK)
Is Your Horse Sleep Deprived?
A woman longing a bay horse
Make the most of longeing sessions
A grey horse running on sandy soil
If your horse gets loose