Horse Health

Cooling Hot Horse
US Equestrian Competition Update: Heat Index
Gray horse head in profile on EQ Extra 89 cover
What we’ve learned about PPID
Black and white image of woman feeding horse
Brooke USA raises $225,000 to improve plight of working equines
Shot taken from underneath jumping horse at night under lights
Researchers develop tool for early osteoarthritis detection in horses
Shot of an attractive young veterinarian standing with a horse and its owner on a farm
AVMA, AAEP release vet-client relationship resource
closeup shot of legs of galloping horse during a turn
Study identifies genetic component in Thoroughbred fracture risk
Registration Opens for Purdue University Equine Wellness Forum
Vet taking a horse's temperature
Horse Health Tips: Taking a horse's temperature
Araberhengst in Box
How air pollution affects your horse’s health
Do right by your retired horse
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A horse looking out of the back of a trailer
The toll trailer travel takes on horses
EQUUS Consultants: Horse Elbow Injuries promo image
Q&A: Equine Elbow Injuries
A person picking out a horse's hoof
What to do about a loose shoe
purebred racing horse
10 things you can do for a horse with heaves