Hoof Care

Closeup shot of several different colored horse hooves in a city during daylight
Do hooves need trimming even if they don’t look long?
farrier driving nail into horse shoe on horse's hoof
Loose shoe: What to do?
Horse Liver - Horse Equus Anatomy - isolated on white
Are hoof abscesses connected to liver disease?
Your Horse is Foot Sore. Now What?
A person picking out a hind hoof.
Check your horse’s feet to spot problems
Farrier at work on horses hoof
4-point strategy for healthy hooves
3 Ways Fly Stomping Affects Your Horse’s Hooves 
A person picking out a horse's hoof
How long can a horse wear hoof pads? 
A person picking out a horse's hoof
Hoof Care Resources
A horse wearing a purple blanket
5 questions to ask about your horse's blanket
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lost shoe
How to keep your horse from losing his shoes
using mounting block
Ease Mounting Pressures on Your Horse
How to identify 8 common equine skin diseases
Bay horse eating grass
10 Most Poisonous Plants for Horses


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