Parasite Control

just grazing
The right approach to parasite control
Flies are more than a nuisance: Tips for preventing summer sores 
How to read fecal egg count results
horse grazing in lush green summer pasture
Parasite control pioneer
Horse on grazing. English thoroughbred in the enclosure at farmland
Beyond deworming: Parasite control in older horses
Horse scratching his back on a wooden fence. Mud and dirt visible on horse's back.
Why do horses rub their tails?
Black horse eye with flies near it
Understanding Water-Based vs. Oil-Based Equine Fly Sprays
Tick insect warning sign in forest
Tick-borne Diseases and Tick Prevention for Horses
One brown horse grazing on green summer field
4 ways to stay on top of parasite control
A mare and foal standing in a field
Surprising findings about how parasites affect horses
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A foal, standing calmly and looking into the distance
Study finds no downside to early castration
How to identify 8 common equine skin diseases
Gray horse head in profile on EQ Extra 89 cover
What we’ve learned about PPID
How to Read Your Horse's Body Language


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