Thoughts of spring

The EQUUS Spring issue now at the printer is chock full of advice on handling seasonal horsekeeping challenges but it offers a whole lot more.

Summer fun: Should you swim with your horse? promo image

10 questions to answer before you swim with your horse

If you’re like most riders, you’d love to go swimming with your horse, but do your homework ahead of time to make sure you’ll both be safe.

riding in ring

How to Interpret Your Horse's Head Bobs

How a horse's head bobs up and down can be an important clue to lameness. Here's how to read what you see.


Protect HERDA horses from the sun

A study shows that sunlight can be especially damaging for horses with HERDA.

Great Horsemen Are Anything But Ordinary promo image

Great Horsemen Are Anything But Ordinary

Nominate your Favorite Equine Professional for the 2016 EQUUS Professional Horseman Award

An exceptional heart

When a routine prepurchase exam turns up an unusual cardiac condition, a mare defies the textbooks by thriving.

Rescue Me

After surviving a massive heart attack, I put one goal at the top of my bucket list---to own my own horse.


What Sally Swift taught me

Thirty years after the publication of Centered Riding, a leading instructor and clinician describes how Sally Swift changed her approach to riding, teaching and life.

Coming home to horses

In a life devoted to teaching, grading papers and other work of the mind, horses help keep me grounded.

That girl

From the first time I saw Sophie I knew she was the horse for me.


Paid in full

My horse’s injury put a halt to my competitive dreams, but the bond we developed during his recovery meant more than any award ever could.

Comfort and joy promo image

Comfort and joy

Last Christmas Eve, I was reminded that my job cleaning up pastures may not be the heart of the horse world, but to me it is the soul.

Letter to Templado

We had to live this moment together: you to leave, and me to accept your going.

A life well lived

Buddy didn’t have the kinds of talents that make a horse famous, but he had those that we cherish the most.

Editor's Pick: October 2014 promo image

Editor's Pick: October 2014

The (re)Start is Everything: The Ultimate Guide to Starting and Re-Starting your Horse

flehmen response

How does that taste?

Researchers find that when it comes to tasting sweet foods, you and your horse have something in common.

A dressage horse being ridden in a "tight' frame, with his chin tucked toward his chest.

How head carriage affects stress levels

An overly flexed head carriage is linked to physiological stress.

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Night Vision

Your horse can see better in the dark than you might think.

The diagnosis of EHV-2 keratitis---inflammation of the cornea (the transparent membrane covering the front of the eye)---is controversial and requires more research. ©EQUUS Magazine

Equine Herpesvirus-2 Eye Infection

The diagnosis of EHV-2 keratitis---inflammation of the cornea---is controversial and requires more research.

Signs of patent urachus are typically seen within hours of a foal's birth. ©EQUUS Magazine

A Case of Patent Urachus

A newborn foal urinating from a hole in his abdomen looks frightening, but the situation isn't as dire as it seems.

Weanlings are likely to be very active, but make sure a youngster does not exhaust himself.

How's That Weanling Doing?

As your youngster makes the transition to independence, look for signs that he is overly stressed by the weaning process.

A buckskin horse galloping in a round pen.

Safe and Secure Round Pens

Ensure that your round pen is in good working order by inspecting its footing and fencing.

To avoid tragic accidents, put only one horse in a stall at a time. Photo © EQUUS

Caught between the Bars

When a gelding gets his hind leg trapped in the bars of his stall, his owners jump into action to free and save him.