Rescue Me

After surviving a massive heart attack, I put one goal at the top of my bucket list---to own my own horse.


What Sally Swift taught me

Thirty years after the publication of Centered Riding, a leading instructor and clinician describes how Sally Swift changed her approach to riding, teaching and life.


Paid in full

My horse’s injury put a halt to my competitive dreams, but the bond we developed during his recovery meant more than any award ever could.

Comfort and joy promo image

Comfort and joy

Last Christmas Eve, I was reminded that my job cleaning up pastures may not be the heart of the horse world, but to me it is the soul.

A life well lived

Buddy didn’t have the kinds of talents that make a horse famous, but he had those that we cherish the most.


How does that taste?

Researchers find that when it comes to tasting sweet foods, you and your horse have something in common.