A group of college students on horseback
Asbury University horses join police forces across the U.S.
closeup shot of legs of galloping horse during a turn
Study identifies genetic component in Thoroughbred fracture risk
Two scruffy horses in auction pen
Bill seeks to ban horse slaughter, exportation for slaughter
Texas researchers study equine reproductive abnormalities
Three horses, a gray, a bay, and a chestnut grazing in a pasture with a split-rail fence and trees in the background on a sunny day
AHC releases results of 2023 National Equine Economic Impact Study
A chestnut horse in a sandy arena
Dutch national federation bans bandages in competition
Young woman hugging pony
Research shows positive effects of human-horse interactions
Image of Mardi Gras flag hanging from balcony in Mobile, Alabama
Condé Cavaliers release statement about Carnival parade incident
Illustration of growing size through evolution of some ancestors of the modern horse
New study explores why ancient Alaskan horses, others shrank over time
NOPD mounted unit's new pinto mini Patch with Superintendent Kirkpatrick
NOPD mounted unit welcomes mini mascot
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