Socializing speeds recovery for horses after exertion
To help your horse bounce back from exertion, turn him out with his buddies rather than putting him in a stall.
cheval dans box
Ohio horse positive for EHV
Two horses muzzles touching each other
Florida horse positive for strangles
Two scruffy horses in auction pen
Bill seeks to ban horse slaughter, exportation for slaughter
A close up of a mosquito
Florida horse positive for EEE

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EQUUS Barn Stories

EQUUS Barn Stories focus on the softer side of horse ownership, serving as a reminder of why we have horses and highlighting the fellowship among riders. They are meant to be listened to on the way to the barn, while cleaning tack or simply relaxing in the quieter moments of the day. Barn Stories are not instructional, but instead seek to underscore and celebrate the way horses enrich our lives.
Silhouetted illustration of racing horses
'Barn Stories,' Ep. 77: Home for Christmas
Person pushing wheelbarrow for stall cleaning in barn aisle
'Barn Stories' Ep. 76: Of solitude and stall cleaning
Vintage-style illustration of woman browsing through tack catalog
'Barn Stories,' Ep. 75: The stuff of dreams
Quality Time image
'Barn Stories,' Ep. 74: Quality time

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Why you need baking soda at the barn
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Protect your horse from the wind
How to Read Your Horse's Body Language
How to identify 8 common equine skin diseases


Groundwork Exercises for You and Your Horse

Groundwork can be an excellent way
to establish communication and ground
manners, build a bond with your horse,
and improve his fitness. Click here to
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Stall bedding basics


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Equestrian vacations
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Easy gaits
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 Medicinal honey for horses
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Soundness strategies that work