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A female veterinarian injects medication into a bay horse.

Generic ketoprofen approved by FDA

The formulation, called KetoMed, contains the same active ingredient in the same concentrations as the brand name product.

A group of rescue workers practing pulling a horse dummy out of a hole.

Large Animal Emergency Rescue webinar added due to overwhelming demand

A fourth webinar from Equine Guelph has been added to accommodate first responders, veterinarians, horse owners and others who want to learn more about the topic of rescue equipment and techniques.

Mare and foal in straw bedding

Novel Rotavirus identified in Kentucky

The new virus strain is undetectable with current diagnostic tests and appears different than the type controlled by available vaccines; role in current outbreak is still unclear


EHV Relief Fund brings showjumping community together for a common cause

The fund is intended to provide financial support to riders and owners who accrued veterinary expenses resulting directly from the EHV-1 outbreaks in Spain.

Three horses walking across an open plain under a light blue sky

Kansas Horse Council announces equine economic impact survey

Officials hope to gather data on the equine segment of the state's livestock industry.

The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) classifies DMSO as a “controlled” prohibited substance.

FEI publishes Return To Competition measures for mainland Europe

International competition is slated to begin again on April 12, following a shut down to control disease spread.

black heritage exhibit

Black Heritage in Racing exhibit opens at Derby Museum

The new exhibit space is just under 930 square feet, which is more than 20 times larger than the previous exhibit space; Greg Harbut and Ray Daniels, the owners of Necker Island, are newly featured.

A black horse running on sandy soil

Black Stallion Reading project kicks off in Marion County Public Schools

During the five-year program, each participating fourth grader will receive a copy of "The Black Stallion" and the opportunity to interact with a horse.

horse behind bars

Horse in Santa Clara County, California tests positive for neurologic EHV-1

An undetermined number of other horses have been potentially exposed to the virus; local authorities encourage temperature monitoring and enhanced biosecurity measures.

Mare and foal galloping across a spring meadow

UK Gluck Center and industry leaders responding to an uptick of foal diarrhea cases

A significant increase in cases has affected some farms, but there has been no recognized rise in associated mortality.

hore looking at book

Post University adds new articulation agreement in Equine Studies

Students who complete an Associates Degree at Scottsdale Community College can transfer 67 credits to the university towards a Bachelor of Science degree.