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Farm and Barn

The dangers of dusty footing

Ammonia fumes and airborne particles in the barn are always a concern, but so is the air quality in your indoor arena. 


10 things you can do for a horse with heaves


4 simple rules for preserving soundness


Disease prevention: “Core” versus “risk- based” vaccines

Four vaccines are needed by all horses everywhere, but the need for eight additional vaccines is determined based on a horse’s location, situation, lifestyle and other factors.


4 Ways to make the most of your horse’s vaccines

When it comes to keeping your horse healthy, you can’t do much better than implementing a proper vaccination plan.

EDCC Health Watch

Canadian mare tests positive for EIA

A mare in Perdue No. 346, Saskatchewan, tested positive for EIA prior to breeding.

EDCC Health Watch

More strangles cases in Florida

Officials have confirmed one new case in Levy County and two cases in Santa Rosa County.

Three wild horses on the range, with desert in background.


U.S. House committee takes key steps to reform federal wild horse program

EDCC Health Watch

Strangles cases reported in Wisconsin

Veterinarians have diagnosed four new strangles cases in Brown, Racine and Sheboygan counties.

A close up of a mosquito

EDCC Health Watch

Florida colt euthanized due to Eastern equine encephalitis

A yearling colt tested positive in Levy County.