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How Do Horses See Themselves?

New research confirms earlier findings suggesting that horses have cognitive self-awareness, which enables them to recognize their own reflections.


Keeping things in perspective

Need a break from the craziness of the world today? Check out the EQUUS Barn Stories podcast.

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A career in the horse industry

A career focused on horses is not for the faint of heart but the rewards are many and can last a lifetime.

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4 Tips for safe holiday decorating

Make sure your efforts to bring holiday cheer to the barn don't put your horse's health in jeopardy.


We do right by our therapy horses

By and large, the nation’s therapy horses are in good health, have reasonable workloads and receive high quality care, according to a study

Riding horses on vacation

A real getaway

I like horses and I enjoy riding. But riding horses while on vacation holds zero appeal to me. The question is why?


Understanding horse rescue lingo

Terms like “neglect,” “abuse,” “abandonment” and “stray” have precise legal definitions that can vary by state.

Not all skinny horses are neglected. Horses may lose a great deal of weight when ill or injured, and the owner may be working with a veterinarian to treat the horse and put weight back on him. Or the owner may have acquired the horse only recently and is rehabilitating him.

5 Misunderstandings about what constitutes horse neglect or abuse

A number of the complaints made about equine rescues are based on misunderstandings.


What horse rescues do

Equine rescues are an important part of the horse industry, but do you know all that they do? Here’s a rundown of the work done by rescues to help horses.


A very EQUUS Thanksgiving

As Americans give thanks for our many blessings, this is a good time to reflect on the individuals and institutions that help make our lives and those of our horses so much better.

Smoke with Unit

Love and war

How a little donkey brought laughter and joy into lives of Marines and, in his own small way, contributed to Operation Iraqi Freedom.


When change is good

Although the lexicon of horsemanship is often slow to change, it's important that we update our management traditions based on scientific progress.


Looking back and looking ahead

An EQUUS article from a decade ago serves as a reminder of how horses keep us centered even in challenging times.


How medical students learn horse sense

Horses are helping the next generation of medical doctors learn how to cope with ambiguity.

Dream Rides: Horse Vacations

For the trip of a lifetime, put a horse in your next vacation. By Dale Leatherman for

The Linda Tellington-Jones Story

For 30 years Linda Tellington-Jones' unique method of working with horses has fostered understanding to enhance horse-and-rider relationships around the world.


How coat color preferences changed through time

DNA samples show a dramatic decline in the popularity of spotted horses during the Middle Ages.


My golden mare

Before I rescued her Canela had a difficult life, but love and patience helped her learn to trust me.


My golden mare

Before I rescued her Canela had a difficult life, but love and patience helped her learn to trust me.


From sickness to health

Rescuing a horse is a flight into the unknown. But in saving my little colt Farley from a kill pen, I learned that a network of caring people stood ready to help me bring him home.

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In search of the Cuban Paso Fino

After 20 years of chasing scant evidence, a determined woman finally gains access to one of Cuba’s best-kept secrets.