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From sickness to health

Rescuing a horse is a flight into the unknown. But in saving my little colt Farley from a kill pen, I learned that a network of caring people stood ready to help me bring him home.


Letting it be

A woman’s ability to overcome her own impulse to remove a nail embedded in her mare’s hoof may have saved the horse’s life.


Without limits

Looking for inspiration? Consider Morgan Wagner and her horse Endo, who have overcome daunting challenges to continue to excel in the show ring.


An Equitarian mission

Through a series of weeklong clinics last year, a team of dedicated veterinarians and students worked to improve the lives of horses and donkeys in southern Honduras.


Beyond the forever home

I train my horses to be happy, willing and generous performers so they will attract the kind of owners who will love them and take care of them for the long term.


Pal for life

When we inherited my mother-in-law’s gelding, we knew we needed to take care of him. What we didn’t realize was how he would take care of us.

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The shadow of a smile

A stash of old photographs helped me remember just how much my first pony meant to me and my beloved sister, Karen, who was taken far too soon.


A Survivor's Tale

Fresh from show-ring triumphs, a mare’s life suddenly hangs in the balance when a small lump turns out to be an aggressive type of cancer.