Tidy Up Your Barn for Summer

Follow this simple list to have your barn cleaned, stocked and prepped for summer.

Make the most of the extra daylight hours that come with summer by tackling the barn chores you've been putting off. For instance:


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Clean and condition your tack, especially the items in long-term storage.

Inventory your first-aid kit and medical supplies, tossing out expired, obviously aged and altered products. Note what you discard so you can restock.

Compile a list of important contact numbers and post it prominently in the barn. Include the name and number of your veterinarian, insurance agent and company, farrier and feed, hay and bedding suppliers so that anyone can keep your barn running smoothly in an emergency or while you're on vacation.

Empty all feed bins and containers. Scrub them with a mild disinfectant and thoroughly rinse. When the bins are completely dry, refill them.

Wash all saddle pads, leg quilts and wraps. Use a mild detergent and double-rinse the items so no potentially irritating residue remains. Before you do another load of laundry, run your empty machine through a full wash-rinse-spin cycle to remove any lingering horse hair.

Stock up for summer:
Horseman's One Step leather cleaner and conditioner
Vetericyn Plus equine wound and skin spray  
SWAT fly repellent