Farm and Ranch

chestnut in pasture2

Limited land? No Problem!

With a little extra effort, you can enjoy the advantages of a large farm even if you keep your horses on a relatively small acreage.

barn aisle

The latest in barn lights

If you’re squinting at your horses under old incandescent bulbs and flickering fluorescents, it might be time to upgrade. Today’s energy-efficient lighting choices may cost more up front, but you can net huge savings over time.

My forever horse

A horse who exemplified heart, presence and courage, Topcat not only helped me become a successful trainer but a better human being as well.

Riders to the rescue

With the help of an extended horse community, two horsemen have found new homes for more than 8,600 dogs in need.


Vet-call crashing

Is it ok to listen in on your friend's vet visit? It depends on whether your presence is welcome or distracting.

All the right notes

A failed racehorse with quirky conformation, Jazz left a lot to be desired. But his laid-back personality won me over.