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A horse lying down with his leg trapped between stall bars

Stall-bar entrapment: Living a horseowner's nightmare

After a freak accident leaves a young gelding dangling in his stall by a single fetlock, his survival and recovery are far from assured.

WNV is spread by birds, primarily crows

Equine West Nile Virus reported in four states so far this month

Vaccination against the virus is considered a "core" immunization, recommended for every horse in the United States.

WNV is spread by birds, primarily crows

First report of equine West Nile Virus in Colorado for 2021

A Weld County horse is recovering after contracting the viral disease.

tiktok picture

Olympic "Rave Horse" goes viral on TikTok

The musical freestyle routine of Steffan Peters and Mopsi has enchanted users of the popular app.

A person wearing gloves and picking out a horse's hoof.

Hoof Care Resources

Check out these companies for hoof-care products and supplies.

boston police horses

Massachusetts State Police mounted unit is in search of new "recruits."

The organization is looking for taller, sound geldings between the ages of five and 16.


Florida horse euthanized due to rabies

Vaccination against the virus is recommended for all horses, regardless of life stage, lifestyle or location.

A bay horse drinking from a green bucket.

QUIZ: Equine stomach size

What holds more: Your horse's stomach or his water bucket?


Search underway for chubby, unruly pony to star in "Thelwell" movie

The beloved British equestrian cartoon series is coming to the big screen as a live-action feature film

Research has shown that the reservoir for the bacteria that causes pigeon fever is the soil. Flies then transmit the bacteria from horse to horse.

Fly-Fighting Options

Check out these companies to help control the pest population on your farm.


Adams County, Colorado horse contracts rabies

The 12-year-old Miniature horse was euthanatized earlier this month.

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 6.05.00 PM

Horse goes viral for antics in maternity photo session

Buckshot was told to "smile" and was more than happy to oblige.

horse in shadow

Two horses in Tennessee test positive for EIA

The horse were boarded in Shelby County; diagnosis with the disease requires euthanasia or a permanent quarantine.

horse in shadow

Four horses on New York farm test positive for EHV-1; one horse had recently competed at large show facility

Veterinary officials urge owners who may have been at the same show to follow monitoring protocols to detect signs of illness in their horses

ivermectin pill

FDA warns against using animal ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19

The agency cautions that inappropriate use of the medication can have deadly side effects.

Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 6.06.49 PM

Dog who loves horse racing goes viral

Bella gets so excited, she must have money on the favorite.

horse in stall

4 Tips for safe holiday decorating

Make sure your efforts to bring holiday cheer to the barn don't put your horse's health in jeopardy.

Person gauging saddle fit on horse's back

Saddles for the Hard to Fit Horse

Here’s how to choose the right saddle for three equine body types that are especially difficult to fit.

Emotion can quickly overwhelm rational judgement when horse shopping.

What percent horse girl are you?

Take this quick quiz to find out just how "horse girl" you are.


Fall laminitis alert

Fall can be a high-risk time for horses prone to this devastating condition.

Generally you can protect your horse from the sun by simply making sure there is shade in his turnout area.

How Horses Keep Cool

Consider how our equine partners regulate body temperature and keep cool.


The trouble with bran mashes

Though your horse may relish a nice, warm bran mash from time to time, too much of it can do more harm than good.


Should You Feed Bran Mash?

Bran mashes will not protect your horse's digestive health. Rice bran or wheat bran confer few health benefits for horses and carry some risks.

A horse whinnying

What whinnies may mean

Researchers have identified the emotions conveyed by specific types of equine vocalizations.

Ride Along with a Veterinarian MRI image

Ride Along With A Veterinarian—Sarah Puchalski, DVM, DACVR | Equine MRI

What you can learn about your horse's lameness through equine MRI.

veterinarian performing kissing spine surgery on horse

Ride Along With A Veterinarian—Weston Davis, DVM, CVS | Kissing Spine

When should you consider kissing spine surgery for your horse?

Ride Along With A Veterinarian—Sarah Puchalski, DVM | Bone Scans

Ride Along With A Veterinarian—Sarah Puchalski, DVM | Bone Scans

How equine nuclear scintigraphy "bone scans" works and how it can help determine areas of injury in your horse.

Dream Rides: Horse Vacations

For the trip of a lifetime, put a horse in your next vacation. By Dale Leatherman for

chestnut in pasture2

Limited land? No Problem!

With a little extra effort, you can enjoy the advantages of a large farm even if you keep your horses on a relatively small acreage.

EQUUS Pop Quiz on Bathing Products promo image

EQUUS Pop Quiz on Bathing Products

Are you shampoo savvy when it comes to bathing your horse? Take this Pop Quiz to find out.

EQUUS Pop Quiz: Horse Terms promo image

EQUUS Pop Quiz: Horse Terms

Take a mini quiz from the editors of EQUUS for a quick test of your horse knowledge.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 12.30.56 PM

EQUUS Pop Quiz: Ponies

What do you really know about ponies? Here's a short EQUUS pop quiz to test your smarts on the little but mighty.

Someone sweeping horse hair from a barn aisle

4 must-do tasks when spring-cleaning your barn

This is the season to clean, organize and repair. If you set your spring-cleaning sights on the barn, don't overlook these four important tasks.

Winter trail riding often brings the added challenge of muddy footing. © Kate Light

Coping With Muddy Trails

Here's how to safely ride through sloppy footing.


What horses think of winter turnout

Researchers find that horses benefit from turnout time even during poor weather.

close-up up of horse legs performing side pass

Joint swellings that aren't serious

Puffy hind fetlocks aren't necessarily a sign of injury. Most likely it's just "stocking up."

English rider is galloping horse

EQUUS Pop Quiz: Tendon Troubles

How much do you know about what stresses the critical connectors between your horse's muscle and bone? Take this test to find out.


EQUUS Pop Quiz: Toxic Groceries

Do you know what fruits and veggies to keep from your horses? Take this Pop Quiz to find out.

three varieties of horse grain or supplements

Pop Quiz: Horse Nutrition

Pop quiz! Answer two questions on horse feed to test your nutrition knowledge.

horse eating vitamins from tub in pasture

EQUUS Pop Quiz: Vital vitamins

Do you know which five vitamins help regulate your horse's body functions?

EQUUS Pop Quiz: Heaves promo image

EQUUS Pop Quiz: Heaves

What is the most effective way to control RAO, or heaves, in horses? Take this Pop Quiz to test your knowledge.

5 tips for winter

Be sure to cool down carefully after a winter ride

Cooling your horse properly after exercise will help prevent him from catching a chill.

A bay horse hanging his head over a stall door.

What to do when your horse has a fever

When your horse’s temperature climbs, it may be best to simply let the process run its course. But sometimes you’ll want to get a veterinarian in right away. Here's what you need to know.


Be wary of these winter footing challenges

Cold weather sometimes creates hazardous footing, especially for older, arthritic horses.