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man in baseball cap stand next to chestnut horse wearing fly mask and fly sheet

Tips for Fighting Flies

Practicing good fly control around the barn will make your horse happier and healthier. By Melanie Wallace for EQUUS Magazine.


Should You Feed Bran Mash?

Bran mashes will not protect your horse's digestive health. Rice bran or wheat bran confer few health benefits for horses and carry some risks.

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Limited land? No Problem!

With a little extra effort, you can enjoy the advantages of a large farm even if you keep your horses on a relatively small acreage.

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EQUUS Pop Quiz: Ponies

What do you really know about ponies? Here's a short EQUUS pop quiz to test your smarts on the little but mighty.

EQUUS Pop Quiz: Heaves promo image

EQUUS Pop Quiz: Heaves

What is the most effective way to control RAO, or heaves, in horses? Take this Pop Quiz to test your knowledge.


What to do when your horse has a fever

When your horse’s temperature climbs, it may be best to simply let the process run its course. But sometimes you’ll want to get a veterinarian in right away. Here's what you need to know.


Unfit or Unwell?

Here are some tips to help you differentiate between a horse that needs conditioning and one that needs medical attention.