5 tack room organization tips

Try these tricks to take control of a messy tack room.
A pile of bridles and bits
An organized tack room keeps often-used items close at hand.

Tack rooms serve many purposes—equipment storage, preparation area and, all too often, catchall for miscellaneous stuff. It’s no wonder that these spaces can quickly become overcrowded and cluttered. Here are some tack room organization tips for keeping the space tidy:

• Use clear, plastic drawers to organize everything from brushes to first-aid supplies. The translucent containers make it easier to quickly find what you need.

• Mount leftover or recycled household cabinets for additional off-the-floor storage. If you don’t have any “extra” cabinets, post a want ad on an online swap site. For easier access, remove the cabinet doors.

• Repurpose a blanket rack to hang saddle pads. Storing your damp saddle pad on a rack instead of over your saddle protects the leather from salty sweat. This will also help your pad keep its shape.

• Purchase a step stool that has interior compartments. A storage step stool is a great place to keep grooming aids, such as braiding and/or banding equipment. Plus, it is highly portable.

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• Invest in a filing cabinet to organize important papers. Assign a file to each horse in the barn and keep a copy of his health, insurance and farrier records along with special feeding instructions or other documents. Keep the originals in the house for safekeeping.

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