Tack and Apparel

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Your blanketing questions answered

Wondering about fit, materials, construction or other horse blanket features? Here are some commonsense answers to all your blanketing questions.

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The Benefits of Using a Leather-Covered Bit

Communicate more easily with comfortable pressure.

Warm Choices for Winter Apparel promo image

Choose the right apparel for winter riding

In freezing-cold weather, you'll need to bundle up when you go out to the barn. Here are some things to consider when selecting your winter wardrobe.

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A surprising clue to saddle fit

Sweat patterns can indicate poor saddle fit long before rubs or soreness occurs.

A Buyer's Guide To Trail Saddles promo image

A Buyer's Guide To Trail Saddles

Whether you prefer English, Western, Australian or endurance styles, you’ll find an array of saddles engineered to keep you and your horse comfortable over miles on the trails.


Tack Room Organization Tips

Try these tricks to take control of a messy tack room.

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Winter apparel options for riders

In freezing temperatures, you'll need to bundle up when you go out to the barn. Here are some things to consider when selecting your winter wardrobe.

Plan your display in advance and try to group similar items together.

Gearing Up for a Tack Sale

Tack sales are great for clearing clutter and making a few bucks. Here are some tips for a successful day of selling.

Take time to wash and repair blankets before storing them.  Photo © EQUUS magazine.

Smart Storage for Blankets

Store blankets properly so they"ll be in good shape the next time you need them.

"Blowing Up" a Girthing Myth promo image

"Blowing Up" a Girthing Myth

Horses do not hold their breath to avoid girth tightening, but it is still important to take steps to ensure your tack is secure.

Causes of a "Cold Back" in Horses promo image

Causes of a "Cold Back" in Horses

A horse who "sinks" or acts out when mounted may be experiencing back pain. Here's how to begin investigating what the trouble might be.

Make Sure Your Horse's Bit Fits promo image

Make Sure Your Horse's Bit Fits

Saddle and bridle fit are important, but don't forget to check that your horse's bit fits him, too.

A cavesson is properly adjusted if there is just enough room for you to slide two fingers between the buckle and your horse's jaw. Photo by Celia Strain

How to Evaluate Horse Bridle Fit

How to double check the fit and adjustment of your horse's bridle.

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Spotting poor saddle fit

A saddle that is too small or too big for a horse can leave behind tell-tale signs of ill-fit. Here's how to "read" what you see on your horse's back concerning saddle fit.

With a thorough inspection of horse blankets in early fall, you can make your horse can keep warm when the cold weather arrives.

Are Your Horse Blankets Ready for Winter?

With a thorough inspection in early fall, xyou can make sure your horse blankets are ready for the cold weather to come.


Quick Fixes for Broken Tack on the Trail

Advice from the experts on the items to carry and how to use them to keep broken tack from ruining your trail rides.

Quick Steps to Cleaner Tack promo image

Quick Steps to Cleaner Tack

Follow these simple tack cleaning tips to keep your tack in top form.

Safety Equipment for Riders

Accidents will happen but today's riders can protect themselves against injury as never before with new safety equipment.