‘My New Horse’: The go-to resource for new and returning horse owners

Equine Network partners with Absorbine and Sentinel Horse Feed to educate and support this entry-level audience.

The big day has finally come, and you’re leading your new horse off the trailer. It’s hard to tell which of you is more excited, but you have so many questions!

Whether you’re just getting started with horses or returning after time away, My New Horse has the answers you need to start your horse ownership journey off right. Launched Aug. 21 by Equine Network, this user-friendly resource offers custom-tailored advice geared toward your stage of horse ownership in an inclusive, supportive environment.

In short, everything a “newbie” could ask for—all in one place.

A warm welcome

“Horse ownership is an exhilarating journey. But for the horse lover just getting into riding and buying a horse, it can be intimidating, expensive and even confusing,” explains My New Horse brand manager Alexandra Beckstett.

“That’s why our team of seasoned horse owners here at Equine Network partnered up with Absorbine and Sentinel—two brands that share our vision of embracing and educating new horse owners—to create My New Horse. We wanted to provide an informative yet fun resource and community where we can welcome people to the wonderful world of horses.” 

Friendly guidance, trusted sources

Perhaps you’re wondering about the latest in equine leg protection, the most efficient way to clean a stall or where to find the best hay. Is boarding your horse right for you? Which grooming tools should you buy? And how on earth can you remove that loose horseshoe?

Young woman in plaid shirt enjoying her time spent with her horse at the stable.

From horse care how-tos and riding resources to fun facts and budgeting hacks, My New Horse was created to educate and empower new horse owners.

Community members will also enjoy virtual and in-person events and experiences, as well as exclusive coupons and promotions from Sentinel Horse Feed and Absorbine. (What’s not to love, right?)

No one appreciates My New Horse’s mission more than Amy Cairy, Absorbine’s vice president of marketing. “The journey of horse ownership can be overwhelming for anyone,” she says. “So having a central hub for information, how-to videos, and additional resources is a key way for us to help support people who share a passion for horses and help them take the best care possible of the new additions to their family.”

Kristyn Sturken, product manager at Kent Nutrition Group, has this to add: “As a member of the Sentinel nutrition team, we are excited to be a part of My New Horse. There are so many decisions to make as a new horse owner, and this program will help fellow horse owners navigate everything there is to learn. We strive to enrich the lives of horse owners, and we are eager to share information and be a resource to help owners on their new horse journey.”

It’s free to join the My New Horse community and subscribe to the My New Horse newsletter.  So if you’re a new horse owner with questions, saddle up and get ready to live your best equestrian life with a visit to My New Horse.




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