COVER EQ_EXTRA-VOL86 Winter Care_fnl_Page_1
Get ready for winter!
A group of horses eating from outdoor hay feeder
Study examines impacts of three feeding styles
Image of cover of EQUUS Extra 85: Bedding basics
Stall bedding basics
Group of wild horses in Western landscape
NPS seeks input on wild horses in North Dakota park
Grazing horses. Cover for EQ Extra 84, Digestive Challenges
Digestive challenges
Muddy pastern with scratches infection
Scratches: Keep this condition from turning chronic
Photo of muddy trail from ELCR website
'Got Mud? Tackling Mud and Erosion on Equestrian Trails'
horse nose flared nostrils
Help! Heaves flare-up
Unveiling of new UK aged horse center with officials posed in front of the facility
University of Kentucky unveils new Aged Horse Care and Education Facility
BLM announces grants to support wild horse and burro initiatives
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Hot hooves! How much do you know about your horse’s hoof health?
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