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Equine Rescue Centers: US & Canada

A selection of Equine Rescue Centers and Horse Sanctuaries in the US & Canada.
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Equine Rescue Centers: US & Canada

A selection of Equine Rescue Centers and Horse Sanctuaries in the US & Canada.

The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses has programs in MI, IL, OH, PA and TX and the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. Provides information and resources for people wishing to purchase ex-racehorses.

Colorado Horse Rescue
Colorado Horse Rescue rehabilitates neglected and abused horses and finds them new homes. Server can be slow to respond.

Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation
Equine Recsue and Rehabilitation's goal is to match the right horses with the right people in a partnership beneficial to both human and animal.

Equine Rescue League
Read about the Equine Rescue League, its foster and adoption programs and how you can be a volunteer in a wide variety of areas.

Front Range Equine Rescue
Front Range assists horses in need through its rescue and fire/disaster evacuation programs and offers educational events to promote responsible horse ownership.

Habitat for Horses
Located in Hitchcock, Texs, Habitat for Horses offers a safe haven for rescued and neglected horses. You'll find information about the programs and sponsorships available.

Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue
Located in Ontario, Canada, Heaven Can Wait takes in unwanted and abused horses and finds adoptive homes for them.

Horse Advocates Voicing Equine Needs
HAVEN, located in Southern Indiana, establishes and provides programs for horses in need to give them a chance at finding a loving, caring and permanent home.

Horse's Haven
Horse's Haven care for horses and donkeys in need, they accept donated animals and, where possible, retrain and rehabilitate them, ready for adoption.

Indiana Horse Rescue
IHR is the Equine Division of the Animal Protection Coalition, Inc.

Lost and Found Horse Rescue
Working to educate horse owners, legislate the humane treatment of horses everywhere and find homes for abused or neglected equines of all descriptions. Located outside York, Penn.

Mylestone Equine Rescue Home Page
Mylestone Equine Rescue provides shelter, care and rehabilitation for horses in the New Jersey area and is often these horses' last hope.

New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program
New Vocations offers retiring racehorses a safe-haven, rehabilitation and placement in experienced, caring homes. Also acts as an outreach to disadvantaged youth.

Rainbow Acres Horse Rescue

Located in Carlisle, Penn., Rainbow Acres is staffed by volunteers who take in auction or slaughter-bound horses and help them find new homes.

ReRun - Another chance for racehorses
This Equine Rescue is dedicated to "recycling" and finding adoptive homes for injured and retired racehorses. Some may be ridden, some not, but all need good homes.

Racehorse Outplacement Assistance Network
ROAN is a group of individuals who network via the Internet to find adoptive homes for horses who can't race anymore.

Second Wind Adoption Program
Located at Crossed Sabers Stable, in West Union, W.V., Second Wind finds qualified homes for abused and neglected horses.

Standardbred Retirement Foundation
This foundation is dedicated to rehabilitating retired standardbreds and finding new home and new lives for them.

United States Equine Rescue League
The USERL assists in the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned, abused, and/or neglected equines.

White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue
The rescue is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused, neglected and at-risk Appaloosas and other breeds of horses, especially those in danger of slaughter.