Farriers’ Associations

Links to the Web sites of a selection of Farriers' Associations and Guilds.

Farrier Associations

American Farriers Association Official Web site of the American Farriers Association. Read about the AFA and the various programs they sponsor.

The Guild of Professional Farriers The official Web site of the Guild of Professional Farriers. Here you can read minutes of the meetings of the board meetings, find out about the advantages of membership.

Farriers Association of Washington State Information about the FAWS, including Officers and Board Members, upcoming events and the Annual Convention.

Florida State Farriers Association Information about the FSFA, including Officers and Board Members, upcoming events and membership information.

Jordanian Farriers Association The JFA is pledged to training new farriers to care for the horses of the Bedouins and providing tools and supplies.

Michigan Horseshoers Association Membership information about the MHA.

Mid Eastern Farriers Association Membership information and upcoming events for the MEFA.

Pennsylvania Professional Farriers Association Membership information, upcoming events and an index of past newsletters.

South Eastern Horseshoers on Education Information about the aims of SHOE.

World Wide Farrier Directory Listing of farriers, both around the world and in the US. Listings in the US are by state. There is also a bulletin board where you can post your hoofcare/shoeing related questions.

World Farriers Association Read about the goals of the WFA and get membership information.




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