New U.S. Park Police Stables and Education Center open to public

This project is the first in a series to prepare the National Mall for America’s 250th anniversary in 2026.

The new, state-of-the-art, sustainable United States Park Police Horse Stables and Wells Fargo Education Center was recently unveiled in a Washington, D.C. ribbon-cutting event that officially opened the education center. This milestone project was fully funded by supporters of the Trust for the National Mall, including Wells Fargo and Campaign Chair Sheila Johnson. 

stable with Washington monument in background
Image/USPP Horse Stable and Education Center Trust for the National Mall

This facility, built by the Trust for the National Mall in partnership with the National Park Service and the U.S. Park Police, replaces the original stables that were built as a temporary facility for the 1976 Bicentennial. The new facility was built as part of the Trust and National Park Service preparations for the 2026 semiquincentennial, the celebration of America’s 250th anniversary where the National Mall will play center stage. 

Education and location

The new Wells Fargo Education Center, located on the National Mall near the Korean Veterans War Memorial, will be open from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday and will be staffed by volunteers working with the National Park Service and the Trust for the National Mall. The education center includes video exhibits, interpretive panels, tactile displays featuring equipment and tack, and opportunities to view the horses in their paddocks and grooming stall. Visitors will also learn about such topics as the characteristics of a good police horse and the history of the uniforms worn by the park police.

Participants in the ceremony and ribbon cutting event included Georgette “Gigi” Dixon (Trust for the National Mall Board Member, Executive Vice President, Head of External Engagement, Wells Fargo, Horse Stables Project Lead Corporate Supporter), Sheila Johnson (Trust for the National Mall Board Vice-Chair, Horse Stables Project Campaign Chair, Founder and CEO, Salamander Hotels & Resorts), Jeff Reinbold (Superintendent of National Mall and Memorial Parks), Chief Jessica Taylor (Chief, U.S. Park Police), Catherine Townsend (Trust for the National Mall President & CEO), Suzanne S. Youngkin (First Lady of Virginia) and the horses and officers of the mounted unit. 

Modernized home, new public opportunity

The new facility creates a modern and sustainable home for the horses and provides a new opportunity to welcome the public to see the horses and learn about the history of the mounted unit on the National Mall. Importantly, the project also creates a universally accessible sidewalk path, a “Path of Hope,” to connect the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial directly to the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool.

This is the first milestone restoration project completed by the Trust for the National Mall and its partners at the National Park Service as they prepare the National Mall for the 250th anniversary of American independence in 2026. During the ribbon-cutting event, the partners reiterated their commitment to restore, enrich and elevate the National Mall in time for the 2026 observance. Projects still to come include the restoration of Constitution Gardens and Sylvan Theater, as well as new civics education programming and content to help young people, Americans and visitors from around the world to learn about American history and the National Mall.

For additional information, visit the webpage for the U.S. Park Police Horse Stables and Education Center project.

About the Trust for the National Mall 

As the leading nonprofit, nonpartisan philanthropic partner of the National Park Service dedicated to restoring, enriching and preserving the National Mall, the Trust brings expertise, private funding and in-kind support to ensure that the National Mall endures and evolves as a vibrant space for all. To learn more, visit:

About the National Mall and Memorial Parks

The National Park Service’s National Mall and Memorial Parks preserves, protects, and interprets the symbolic and monumental civic spaces and commemorative works in the center of the nation’s capital that honor American ideals and values, distinguished public figures, and military and civilian sacrifices and contributions. These iconic monuments and memorial include 16 units of the National Park System. National Mall and Memorial Parks also serves as a public park and open space for active civic and cultural engagement, recreation and public enjoyment. 




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