Mustang mare to adorn beer cans

A mare adopted from the BLM was one of five animals chosen after a nation-wide contest.

Move over Budweiser Clydesdales, a mustang mare named Folly will be featured on beer cans from a Virginia craft brewery after being chosen as one of five “Adventure Pets.” Sponsored by Devils Backbone Brewing Company, the contest asked owners to nominate their animals by submitting a photo of them enjoying the great outdoors, along with a short description of their adventures. The same contest last year was open only to dogs, after which the brewery received messages from owners of other types of pets asking to be considered.

Folly will be featured on the case with four other winners: Three dogs and a rooster.

Folly was nominated by her owner, who adopted her from the Bureau of Land Management, according to her contest submission. “She was completely untouched and wild, but her spirit was inspiring,” she wrote. “Folly never tires of adventuring through the woods in all seasons and is incredibly brave and nimble. You can take her camping, and she loves swimming—she’ll dive right into a lake, with only her face sticking above the water. I’ve even ridden her to a local pub for a takeout beer so we could support them during the pandemic. Her only complaint was that she didn’t get one for herself!” The brewery declined to say how many entries there were this year, but previous years attracted more than 6,000 submissions. Folly will be featured on Gold Leaf Lager cans in 15-packs next year, sharing the space with the other winners: three dogs and a rooster.




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