Christine Barakat


Letting it be

A woman’s ability to overcome her own impulse to remove a nail embedded in her mare’s hoof may have saved the horse’s life.


When wounds don't heal

To help figure out why some equine cuts, scrapes and lacerations fail to mend, an international wound-care expert has compiled a list of the top 12 healing inhibitors.


A Reliable Source

In an era when misinformation spreads rapidly, the Equine Disease Communication Center provides the horse world with vital news about disease outbreaks.


The mystery of shivers

Through a series of groundbreaking studies aided by selfless horse owners, a researcher is beginning to understand this rare but devastating neurological condition.


Safe & Successful Comebacks

After your horse has been sidelined due to injury or illness, you need to be careful when you return him to work. Here’s how to keep him healthy and happy after four common causes of lay-ups.

Spotting poor saddle fit promo image

Spotting poor saddle fit

A saddle that is too small or too big for a horse can leave behind tell-tale signs of ill-fit. Here's how to "read" what you see on your horse's back concerning saddle fit.