Enjoy your vacation by having an Icelandic horse answer your emails

The "OutHorse you Email" program is a novel marketing campaign featuring an Icelandic horse answering your emails.

Worried about work emails piling up while you’re on vacation this summer? Consider enlisting an Icelandic horse to handle them for you.

The “OutHorse your Email” program is a novel marketing campaign from the Visit Iceland and Inspired by Iceland tourism groups. Via the website https://www.visiticeland.com/outhorse-your-email/, you can choose one of three real-life horses to supply their “out-of-office” message while they are on vacation this summer.

The horses, Litla Stjarna (“Types fast, but might take a nap), Hekla (“Friendly. Trained in corporate buzzwords”) and Hrímnir (“Assertive. Efficient. Shiny hair”) were trained to “type” by walking a cross a giant keyboard.

After entering your name, email and return-to-office date, (and having the option to choose to receive promotional material about Icelandic tourism) a message generated by the chosen horse is displayed, ready to to be copied and pasted into your relevant email program.

Of course, it’s just a marketing campaign, but it’s a clever one featuring adorable horses. Just watch the video…




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