BreyerFest 2024: ‘Against All Odds’

Set for July 12-14, this annual event celebrating model horses and their real-life inspirations features a 'unique' hybrid format

It’s been said that BreyerFest is “unlike any festival or horse show you’ve ever seen.” This year, the annual celebration of Breyer model horses and their real-life inspirations takes place both in-person at Lexington’s Kentucky Horse Park and online at

Child with Horse

Scheduled for July 12-14, BreyerFest 2024 is expected to attract fans of the iconic models—a cherished tradition among horse lovers—from more than 100 countries.

“Our unique hybrid format allows fans from across the world to experience all BreyerFest has to offer, from the excitement of the equine entertainment to getting to know your favorite Guest Horse!” reads the news release on the Breyer website.

“Fans can also see incredible works of model horse art, learn more about the model horse hobby, and gather with Breyer friends from around the world sharing their own inspiring stories.”

Bucking the ‘Odds’

The theme for this year’s BreyerFest is “Against All Odds,” one that many horse owners and fans will no doubt appreciate.

“Each horse has a unique story to tell, from the backyard buddy to the champion’s circle, and while each of these stories has a happy ending, some had difficult chapters along the way,” the news release continues. “‘BreyerFest 2024: Against All Odds’ will share these stories of triumph over adversity, advancement in the face of disbelief, and defying expectations at every turn. Fans will be inspired by these incredible stories of equine empowerment!”

The ‘equine event of the year’

Ticket holders can participate in all three days of equine fun and entertainment from the heart of the action at BreyerFest in Kentucky and via livestreams and recorded content hosted online. These livestreams, as well as the chance to shop for BreyerFest exclusive models and merchandise, are all available on

Both experiences reportedly include all the features that make BreyerFest the “equine event of the year”: live horse demonstrations, “meet and greets” with horses and their owners, workshops, seminars, contests, model horse shows, exclusive models, the Celebration of Horses evening show, and shopping galore.

For ticket information and updates, check the BreyerFest Blog over the coming weeks as the countdown to BreyerFest 2024 gets underway.

Images from Breyer website




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