Saddlebred Legend Lynn Weatherman Dies

April 15, 2006 -- Longtime American Saddlebred enthusiast and equine journalist Lynn Weatherman died April 13.

April 15, 2006 — Longtime American Saddlebred enthusiast Lynn Weatherman died April 13 in his sleep at his home in Ohio.

Weatherman worked at the American Saddlebred Horse Association from 1985 to 2002 as editor of the magazine American Saddlebred and as the historian. Weatherman’s knowledge of pedigrees and bloodlines is well respected.

After graduating from Iowa State University while pursuing a degree in Animal Science, he answered an ad in Saddle & Bridle magazine and soon became a full-time contributor to the publication, thus beginning his years as a Saddlebred journalist. He married his wife, Judy, in 1963. After leaving the publication to work at the St. Louis suburban newspaper Community Press and managing a St. Louis equestrian facility, he returned to Saddle & Bridle in the early 1970s where his reputation as a journalist and a horseman really took off.

Weatherman Stables became highly visible on the Midwestern horse show circuit. After moving the farm to Kentucky and renaming it Warm Hearth Farm, the stable has bred, developed or shown a number of top show horses, including multiple World’s Champion CHIt’s Time To Go, CHHayden Fox, The Revenooer, Lucky Piece, El Toro Fox, three-gaited pony The Artful Dodger, Chemistry, Elegant Example, and Five-Gaited Golden Palomino World Champion Gold Exchange, whom his daughter, Wendy Lewis, gaited, finished and showed to his title.

In 1985, Weatherman was asked by then Association President Judy Werner to be the editor of American Saddlebred magazine. Weatherman has interviewed nearly every top horseman about his or her roles and memories in the Saddlebred world.

In 1999, Weatherman received the UPHA’s Sallie B. Wheeler Lifetime Achievement Award.

No funeral service will be held. A celebration of the life of Lynn Weatherman will be scheduled at a later date. Memorial gifts may be made to any of the following organizations: The American Saddlebred Museum; The Animal Health Foundation, Dr. Donald M. Walsh, DVM; Saddlebred Rescue; The Save Simmons Stable Fund, Bobette Wilson (phone 573-581-8873)




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