Purina Mills HOW Program Continues in 2007

February 1, 2007 -- The Purina Mills Horse Owner's Workshop program will continue to bring education and entertainment on a local level in 2007.

February 1, 2007 — The Purina Mills Horse Business Group is announcing the 13th year of its largest and most popular equine event. The Purina Mills Horse Owner’s Workshop (HOW®) is a local education and entertainment program that provides horse owners with the most up-to-date information about equine nutrition, veterinary issues, training techniques, the latest gear, horse care products and more. EQUUS magazine is a sponsor of the program.

“The beauty of the Horse Owner’s Workshop is that it gives horse enthusiasts face time with locally recognized equine experts,” says Dr. Scott King, marketing manager and equine veterinarian for Purina Mills. “A horse owner can learn from a variety of workshop topics covered in each event, ask questions of various experts and connect with other horse owners and their local Purina Mills dealer. The program is always tailored to meet the interests of local horse owners with new topics each year to keep the program fresh and relevant.”

Attendees come away from a HOW event with a wealth of knowledge and a wealth of money-saving offers–including discounts on equine magazines, horse feed, pet food and a variety of equine products used in the barn every day. The HOW Sweepstakes also adds an element of fun and excitement. Horse owners can register for the wweepstakes by attending a HOW event.

“As part of the HOW Sweepstakes this year, we’re offering a horse trailer, National Finals Rodeo travel package, shopping spree and a generous assortment of horse products–and that’s just the Grand Prize,” says Dr. King. “We’ll also be giving away four John Deere Gator™ TX utility vehicles to four regional winners. Fact is, when you consider all the coupons and special offers available at a HOW event, not to mention what you will learn about nutrition and horse care, everybody walks away a winner.”

During HOW events, Purina Mills will also invite local horse owners to participate in the Strategy® Better Horse Challenge. According to Purina Mills, when implemented properly, horse owners feeding Strategy horse feed can see a healthier, happier horse in as little as 30 days, as evidenced by a shinier hair coat, increased performance, improved body condition and better overall health. The new enhanced formulation of Strategy horse feed also has improved levels of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

When they attend a HOW event, horse enthusiasts can sign up to take the Strategy Better Horse Challenge and receive a free 50-pound bag of Strategy Professional Formula horse feed when they buy two 50-pound bags at the regular price.

“The main thrust of Horse Owner’s Workshops is still health and nutrition,” says Dr. King. “But adding other companies and veterinarians to the mix has truly made it the one-stop, not-to-be-missed event for horse owners.”

For more information, or to find the HOW meeting nearest you, visit horse.purinamills.com or call 800-227-8941.




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