Purina Brings Longview Farm to HOW Horse Owners Workshops

February 3, 2010 -- Purina is bringing the best of Longview Equine Research Farm to local HOW? Horse Owner's Workshops where consumers will learn the latest in equine health and nutrition.

February 3, 2010 — For more than 70 years, Purina’s Longview Equine Research Farm in Gray Summit, Mo., has been dedicated to defining and delivering the best in equine health and nutrition. This year, Purina is packing up the best of the research farm and taking it to local HOW® Horse Owner’s Workshops where consumers will learn the latest in equine nutrition, health and maintenance care, veterinary issues, Purina research projects, training techniques, gear and more.

“We have brought hundreds of horse owners to our research farm to learn more about Purina equine research,” said Brant Gilbert, marketing manager, Horse Business Group. “The positive feedback has been so overwhelming that we want to share the research farm with all horse owners and have decided to bring elements of our farm to each local Purina HOW® meeting.”

The Purina HOW® Horse Owner’s Workshops will be held at approximately 1,000 Purina dealers across the country and is one of the largest grassroots educational workshops in the industry. The workshop will provide consumers the opportunity to meet their local equine nutritionists and specialists and learn how to better care for their horses.

“The workshops will focus on the basics of assessing a horse’s nutritional needs,” added Gilbert. “It is a great opportunity to learn more about the differences between fats, fibers, sugars and starches, especially in light of the buzz in the industry around high fat, low sugar and starch diets. We will also talk about useful and basic tools that horse owners typically overlook.”

Attendees who bring a friend and a HOW® advertisement or invitation, will receive a $10 off coupon towards Purina horse feeds. Along with dealership prizes, coupons, rebates and special offers, horse enthusiasts can sign up for the HOW® Horse Owner’s Workshop Sweepstakes. One national grand prize winner will receive a custom built trailer provided by Twister Trailer; a John Deere® Gator; a $1,000 Wrangler® Western Wear wardrobe; a $1,000 Carhartt® gift certificate; one ton of Purina® premium horse feed; and a generous assortment of horse products from other industry leading companies. For complete sweepstakes rules and how to enter, visit www.horse.purinamills.com.

“The Purina HOW® Horse Owner’s Workshop allows horse owners a chance to learn how sound management and proper nutrition can contribute to the health and well-being of their horse,” said Gilbert. “That ultimately equates to more time riding and enjoying their equine friends and less time worrying about nutritionally related issues.”

For more information, or to find the Purina HOW® Horse Owner’s Workshop nearest you, visit www.horse.purinamills.com.




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