New Pfizer Animal Health Unveiled with Acquisition of Wyeth

October 20, 2009 -- The addition of Wyeth and its subsidiary Fort Dodge Animal Health enhances Pfizer's U.S. portfolio of veterinary vaccines and medicines.

October 20, 2009 — A new Pfizer Animal Health was unveiled last week as Pfizer’s acquisition of Wyeth, including its subsidiary Fort Dodge Animal Health, was completed. Pfizer Animal Health is now the world’s leader in the discovery, development, manufacture and sales of veterinary vaccines and medicines for livestock and companion animals.

The acquisition of many of Fort Dodge’s U.S. products allows Pfizer Animal Health to greatly diversify its U.S. portfolio, as well as broaden its offering in all animal health segments. Pfizer Animal Health now offers an enhanced portfolio in beef, dairy and companion animals, as well as a redefined product line for swine, equine and poultry.

“We’re extremely proud to offer our customers even more best-in-class and innovative products,” said Clint Lewis, president of U.S. Operations for Pfizer Animal Health. “The products, services and expertise we are gaining strengthen what is already a robust U.S. portfolio and will enhance our leading position in the animal health marketplace.”

Here is a summary of Pfizer Animal Health’s new U.S. product portfolio:

Equine Joining an already industry-leading equine franchise that includes such established and well-respected brands as STRONGID? (pyrantel pamoate), DORMOSEDAN? (detomidine hydrochloride), and HYLARTIN? (sodium hyaluronate) are Fort Dodge’s WEST NILE INNOVATOR ?, FLU VAC INNOVATOR ? and QUEST?(moxidectin) and QUEST PLUS? (moxidectin/praziquantel).

Companion Animals Top vaccine LYMEVAX? complements the current VANGUARD? canine vaccine line, and several anesthetic products help round out the small animal portfolio. They join current innovative offerings that include REVOLUTION? (selamectin), CERENIAT (maropitant citrate), CONVENIA? (cefovecin sodium), RIMADYL? (carprofen) and SLENTROL? (dirlotapide).

Livestock Pfizer will further enhance its position with the addition of FACTREL? (gonadorelin hydrochloride) and the proven and well-recognized pioneer line of SYNOVEX? implants. These products complement the current U.S. cattle portfolio that includes DRAXXIN? (tulathromycin), DECTOMAX?, EXCEDE? (ceftiofur crystalline free acid), EXCENEL? (ceftiofur hydrochloride), BOVI-SHIELD ? GOLD, LUTALYSE? (dinoprost tromethamine), ORBESEAL?, and SPECTRAMAST? (ceftiofur hydrochloride). Pfizer Animal Genetics also continues to explore opportunities to apply genomics technology to livestock health and management solutions.

For the swine market, Pfizer Animal Health will offer a comprehensive range of solutions and services to strengthen its offering with the full line of SUVAXYN? brands, including SUVAXYN PCV-2 vaccine for circovirus. This addition rounds out an already broad product line that includes RESPISURE?, FLUSURE?, DRAXXIN?, and EXCEDE?.

Pfizer Poultry Health will strengthen its position in the poultry industry with the addition of a broad range of poultry vaccines including POULVAC? and MATERNAVAC? IBD-Reo, a leading broiler-breeder vaccine.

Pfizer Animal Health also announced October 19 that all current U.S. pricing, product distribution, programs and policies for Pfizer Animal Health products, including the acquired Fort Dodge products, will remain in place through 2009.




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