Murdered for Money, by Laura Hillenbrand for EQUUS Magazine

In the wake of revelations of horse killings and insurance fraud, the horse world asks, how could it happen?

Before Unbroken and before Seabiscuit, Laura Hillenbrand was a regular contributor to EQUUS Magazine. Combining her love of horses with her research skills and gift for writing, Laura produced some of the most memorable features that have appeared in our pages. 

Among those features is the 1995 article “Murdered for Money.” In this article, Laura told the gripping and heartbreaking story of insurance fraud run rampant in the elite ranks of hunter/jumpers: At least 13 horses were killed for profit.

As the horse world reeled from the news, EQUUS tackled the issue head on, assigning Laura to write an in-depth story on the scandal. 

“How, people asked, in a sport predicated on the appreciation of the horse, could animals be killed in sometimes gratuitous ways, just to cash in on insurance,” Laura wrote in the article’s introduction. Then she answered that question.

To read Laura Hillenbrand’s “Murdered for Money” as it appeared in the March 1995 issue of EQUUS, click here.




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