Mounted Police Links

Links to the homepages of Mounted Police Units from around the world and suppliers of mounted police resources and equipment.

Fort Lauderdale Police Department – Mounted Patrol Information about Fort Lauderdale PD Mounted Unit. Also includes some stories about incidents involving the mounted unit – my favorite was about Nocona, a 17 hand high painted Racking Horse, who took exception to the verbal abuse his officer was getting and knocked three rowdies to the ground like bowling pins.

Houston Police Department – Mounted PatrolInformational page about the Houston PD Mounted Patrol.

Metropolitan Police – Mounted BranchInformation about recruitment and the training of horses and men of the Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch in London, England.

Metro Nashville Police Department – Mounted PatrolInformation and photographs of the men and horses of the Metro Nashville Police Mounted Patrol.

Mounted Police.comThis site provides information for the mounted police community. In addition to training information and resources, you’ll find news items and stories about police horses, books and more.

Mounted Police WorldwideOffering training and equipment for mounted police units. Also offering mounted police training for civilian horses and riders to help take the spook out of your horse.

New York City Parks Mounted Auxiliary UnitThe NYC Park Mounted Auxiliary Unit patrols the parks of New York City. Volunteer auxiliary officers provide assistance to park visitors, provide crowd control and concerts and more.

Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceInformation about the most famous of all mounted police units – the “Mounties”.




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