Logging with Horses

Following the Great Storm of 1987, which devastated the forests of southern England, logging teams of draft horses were used to help clear up the mess.

In October of 1987 an event occurred which stands out in history. During the Great Storm of ’87 hurricane force winds ripped through southern England, causing widespread damage.

The path of the damage spread from the New Forest in Hampshire, all the way to the east coast. Serene woodlands were reduced to vast areas of flattened timber.

While on a visit back home to England, a year after the storm, I came across a scene out of history. A logging team of two draft horses was being used to drag some of the fallen timber and, of course, I had to stop and take some photos! I was impressed with the serenity of what I was witnessing. No noisy tractors, no pollution, just men and their draft horses working together to get a job done. Logging with horses is known to limit the damage to forests and although it may not be the fastest method, it certainly seems to me to be more esthetically pleasing than having the noise and pollution associated with the heavy machinery usually used for the job. Plus – I always enjoy the chance to stop and watch draft horses at work! I hope you enjoy the photographs.




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