Equine Welfare Organizations

Links to equine welfare organizations around the world.

Equine Welfare Organizations (Worldwide)

Links to equine welfare organizations around the world.Equine Rescue Net The Equine Rescue Net is a network of people who are concerned about horse abuse and connected through the Internet. You can learn who they are and what they do, or perhaps join the mailing list.

The Exceller Fund to Rescue Horses Named for the Thoroughbred race horse, Exceller, this is a group of people who use the Internet to raise funds to rescue Thoroughbred racehorses who would otherwise be sent to slaughter.

Hooved Animal Humane Society This great website gives details about the origins of HAHS, some case histories of horses they have rescued, and how you can help. This server is sometimes slow to connect.

HorseAid Home Page This excellent page is full of details about how the Horse Aid program works and information about how you can adopt a “Horse Aid Horse.” They even have an online form for you to report horse abuse that you have witnessed. This is also the International Generic Horse Association homepage.

Horse Protection Association of Florida In addition to caring for and rehabilitating rescued horses, the HPAF aims to provide a network of assistance for each county in Florida, providing information about where to turn to for help with horses.




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