Terry Geber Wins 2010 EQUUS Professional Horseman Award

June 3, 2010 -- Terry Geber of western Montana is the 2010 EQUUS Magazine Professional Horseman Award winner.

June 3, 2010 — Terry Geber, ranch manager of Fire Creek Ranch in Huson, Mont., has been selected as the 2010 EQUUS Magazine Professional Horseman Award winner.

To enter for a chance to win, visitors to EQUUSMagazine.com submitted 200-word essays nominating a horse professional who has gone above and beyond what’s expected of him or her. Janet Rose, also of Huson, Mont., nominated Geber.

Rose’s winning essay is as follows: “This is a tribute to the unsung hero. We horse owners know him well–the farrier, ranch manager, caretaker and caregiver who never takes a day off. Terry Geber is my unsung hero–all of those wrapped into one and then some. As ranch manager for Fire Creek Ranch in western Montana, there is not a horse or horse owner within miles of the ranch who can’t count on Terry in a time of need. From a nasty wire cut oozing blood (as happened the other day), to a runaway spooked by a bear (last month), to a newborn foal unexpectedly dropped in sub zero temperatures (a few years ago), to an overgrown hoof or two or three (mine); whether it’s a hay crisis for a nearby rescue group (mine, too) or someone to call when a horse needs to be rescued (a filly we saved last year from starvation), Terry Geber is the go-to-guy. For all of these reasons, for all of the horses he’s saved, tended, cared for and fed, trained or trimmed, and all of the horse owners who could never thank him enough, nobody I know deserves to be recognized more than a horse’s (and sometimes human’s) best friend, Terry Geber.”

Geber received a plaque and a personalized Wrangler jacket. Rose won a Nelson automatic horse waterer and a case of Daily 72, an ionic liquid antioxidant for horses. Rose’s prizes will be put to good use at her horse rescue and adoption organization, Horse Haven Montana.

Runners-up received a certificate, and their nominators each received a gallon of Daily 72. Those runners-up were: Roger Lee Roberts, nominated by Linda Sue Roberts of Bedminster, N.J.; Daniel Whiddon, nominated by Dawn Heartsill of Honoraville, Ala.; Sarah Margaret North, nominated by Erin Woods of Haughton, La.; Susie Bjorklund, nominated by Debi Ylitalo of Chaska, Minn.; Dr. Ben Rice Buchanan, nominated by Jonna Johnson of Magnolia, Texas; Deb Hoyt, nominated by Jennie James of Omaha, Neb.; Paul Williams, nominated by Deanna Gullick of Washington, Pa., and SuzAnne Miller, nominated by Sally Suk of Missoula, Mont.

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