CHA Introduces Barn Manager Certification

Jan. 19, 2006 -- Barn managers can now become certified through the Certified Horseman Association's Equine Facilities Manager program.

Jan. 19, 2006 — The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) has recently developed a new certification program called the Equine Facilities Manager (EFM) program.

This program is done as a 2 and 1/2 day clinic to certify four levels of stable employees:

  • Stable Worker: Qualified to work in a barn under the supervision of a manager.
  • Stable Manager: Qualified to manage a small private stable of up to 10 head and 1-2 employees.
  • Herd Manager: Qualified to manage a public equine facility of up to 35 head and 3-4 employees.
  • Equine Facility Manager: Qualified as general manger of a commercial equine operation greater than 35 head and with five or more employees.

Clinic participants are evaluated at each level with written tests, skills demonstration and oral exam to assess and certify their level of competency in working at or managing an equine facility, from a small private stable to the largest commercial facility.

Knowledge and ability tested through this program includes horse handling (unmounted), knowledge of horses and their behavior, daily chores, health maintenance and first aid, turnout and exercise, tack fit and maintenance, equipment use and maintenance, herd management, nutrition, sickness and treatment, training and supervising staff, facility design and maintenance, developing policy and procedures, business and risk management and disaster planning. EFM certification clinics are conducted at large commercial equine facilities that stable over 35 head.

“Demand for certification is very high in all areas of the horse industry and with the help of the CHA staff, planning and promoting a certification clinic is easy,” says CHA Program Director Julie Goodnight. “There are no upfront costs, so you can register your clinic today and start signing up participants through CHA’s website right away.”

If you are interesting in attending or hosting a clinic, please contact Carol Parker at CHA at 1-800-399-0138. You’ll receive a “How to Host a CHA Clinic” packet with all the information you need to plan any CHA clinic, including hosting procedures, organization checklist, budgeting worksheets and all the necessary paperwork to get started.

The emphasis of the certification program is on safety and effectiveness. CHA programs are designed to objectively and systematically evaluate and certify the existing knowledge and skill level of equestrian staff members. As a bonus to certification, participants also learn new skills, are exposed to recognized industry safety standards and have the opportunity to network with other equine professionals. Most insurance companies offer discounts for certification.

The other certification programs of CHA includes the new Recreational Vaulting Certification program, the Standard Instructor Certification which is both English and Western, Instructors for Riders with Disabilities, Trail Guide and Seasonal Equestrian Staff. CHA also does equine site accreditation and publishes its own educational materials in its effort to promote excellence in safety and education for the benefit of individuals and group riding programs.




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