Is it rude to crash a veterinary visit?

Is it ok to listen in on your friend's vet visit? It depends on whether your presence is welcome or distracting.
An owner and veterinarian standing with a horse during an exam
An owner might not want discussions with their veterinarian to be public knowledge, so resist the urge to eavesdrop on the appointments of others.

When the veterinarian visits a fellow boarder’s horse, it’s tempting to hang around and listen. No one is going to fault you for wanting to help out or learn more. Make sure, however, that your presence is wanted, or at least not distracting.

The person who called out the veterinarian is paying for his or her time, so every question you ask or conversation you begin may end up costing your fellow boarder money. Not to mention the nature of the visit might not be something the boarder wants to be public knowledge—not everyone is interested in sharing all the details of their horse’s health and care.

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If you’d like to linger around a veterinary call for someone else’s horse, the best policy is to ask both the owner and veterinarian if you may. Then be prepared to leave if either says no. If they say yes, make any questions quick and on-topic and keep your opinions on the diagnosis and treatment plan to yourself. 

This article first appeared in EQUUS issue #444.

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