Take Part in EQUUS Magazine’s Conformation Analysis Series

Anatomy expert Deb Bennett, PhD, offers her insights into equine conformation. Send in your horse's photo to learn what he's built to do best and how you can help keep him sound!

Want to better understand your horse’s conformation? Consider submitting a photo to internationally recognized anatomy and biomechanics expert Deb Bennett, PhD. But please note: Rather than taking a “halter class” approach, Bennett will focus on the relationship of conformation to the underlying anatomy, the potential for different types of performance implied by different body builds, and how to distinguish blemishes from structural weaknesses that can affect soundness and health.

To submit a photo of your horse for Dr. Deb to analyze, stand him square on level ground in front of an uncluttered background and take photos from:

  • the side–as in a standard conformation shot
  • the front, including the chest and front legs
  • rear from the top of the croup downward

Send photos of 2 megabytes or less via email to [email protected]. Prints are welcome but cannot be returned; do not send negatives. Mail prints to: Conformation Analysis, Equine Studies Institute, P.O. Box 411, Livingston, CA 95334.




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