Protect your horse with a detailed stall card

The information included on your horse's stall card can help ensure he gets proper care even when you aren't around. Here's what you need to make sure your horse's stall card includes:

A polished brass stall plate engraved with your horse’s name may look classy, but a less decorative stall card that presents more information about him could save his life. 

In addition to your horse’s name and your contact information, consider adding the following to your horse’s stall card, which ideally will be laminated or slipped into a protective cover:

1. A clear photo of your horse, in case someone unfamiliar has to keep track of the location of animals (in an evacuation, for instance).

A row of stalls in a barn, with a horse looking over the door of one.
An informational card on the outside of a horse’s stall could contain lifesaving information.

2. The name and phone number of your regular veterinarian, farrier and any specialists who care for your horse. 

Click here for tips on buying stall guards.

3. Names and phone numbers of friends or relatives authorized to make decisions about your horse if you aren’t available.  Feeding schedule along with any required medications, so anyone can step in to provide that essential care.  A list of any allergies to topical products or medications. 

4. Specific instructions that will keep him and those handling him safe, such as “Must wear muzzle during turnout” or “Do not cross-tie.”

Even if you keep your horses at home, it’s wise to post stall cards for every animal. In an emergency situation, having this information visible will help ensure that others can help your horses if need be.

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