Breed Associations G – L

Links to breed associations and registries, from the Gypsy Vanner to the Lippizan.

Gypsy Cob Society of America Dedicated to promoting the Gypsy Cob, and to maintaining a permanent registry devoted wholly to the interests of the Gypsy Cob to preserve and protect hundreds of years of Romany bloodlines.

Gypsy Cob Society Ltd. (UK) Sister registry to the Gypsy Cob Society of America, the Gypsy Cob Society, Ltd. is a England based organization formed to protect the hundreds of years of Romany bloodlines.

Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Assoc. Dedicated to recording the parentage, preserving the history, and promoting the Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse as a breed in North America.

Gypsy Vanner Horse Society The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society’s mission statement is to bring recognition and understanding to a little known society and the horses they cherish, the colorful Gypsy Vanner.

American Hackney Horse Society Breed association Web site with a detailed history of this high-stepping breed of horse that originated in England. Also includes membership information and member directory, as well as a great photo gallery.

American Haflinger Registry Information about the versatile Haflinger, breed standards, registration forms, events and more.

American Hanoverian SocietyBreed association dedicated to breeding and promoting Hanoverian Horses in the United States. You’ll find information about breed standards, 100-day test results, Thoroughbred mare approval, membership information, fees and more.

Highland Pony Features the Highland Pony Gazette with news, shows, results and all about the Highland Pony.

American Holsteiner Horse Association Breed association Web site packed full of information for everyone interested in Holsteiners. Membership information, inspection information, news releases, photographs, and a lot more

Iberian Sport Horse Registry This breed association website is full of information – what classifies as an Iberian Sporthorse, how to register qualified horses, breed charateristics and more. Events calendar, classified ads and photographs round out an attractive Web site.

United States Icelandic Horse Congress The USIHC maintains the registry of Icelandic horses in the US. The website is extensive, with information about the breed and gaits, membership and registration information, event information, searchable database of registered horses and more.

Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain Information about the versatile Icelandic. Includes membership and contact information, as well as news and events.

Irish Draught Horse Society of North America Besides the usual breed standards and registration information, this breed association Web site keeps fresh with up-to-date news about Irish Draught and Irish Sport Horses.

The Lipizzan Association of North America Details of the unusual history of the breed, the Spanish riding School, breed characteristics.




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