Say Thanks To Your Farrier in July

May 2, 2008 -- The 2008 National Farriers Week, July 6-12, represents a special time to thank the footcare professionals who help keep your horses healthy and functional.

May 2, 2008 — Since horses with bad feet can lose their ability to properly function, the thousands of farriers across North America deserve to be specially recognized once a year for their dedication to keeping horse” feet healthy.

In recognition of the valuable work performed by hoof-care professionals, National Farriers Week is being held this year from July 6-12. It is an appropriate time for horse owners, trainers, riders, grooms, equine veterinarians and others to recognize the effort and training required by the men and women who shape and protect hooves in order to keep the animals comfortable and functional.

Horse owners who want to show a special appreciation for the exceptional work of their farriers can download a certificate of recognition by going to on the American Farriers Journal website.

Other ways to show a farrier appreciation throughout the year include:

  • Providing a level, clean and well-lit work area for handling footcare needs.
  • Having the horses properly cleaned and ready prior to the farrier’s arrival.
  • Having someone available to keep nervous or ill-behaved horses calm during the footcare work.
  • Training your horses at a young age to be comfortable with having their feet handled.
  • Working with the farrier to develop a regular footcare schedule.
  • Taking the time and making the effort to say “thanks” for a job well done.

“Doing one or more of these things will demonstrate that you understand the difficulty of the farrier’s work,” says Frank Lessiter, editor of American Farriers Journal. “You’ll also make it possible for the hoof-care professional to focus on your horse’s feet. That represents a winning combination for everyone, especially the horse.”




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