Hoof Care


Say Thanks To Your Farrier in July

May 2, 2008 -- The 2008 National Farriers Week, July 6-12, represents a special time to thank the footcare professionals who help keep your horses healthy and functional.


No More Lost Horseshoes

What keeps horseshoes on, what makes them lose their grip and how to ensure that your horse's footwear stays where it belongs. By Joanne Meszoly for EQUUS magazine.


Horseshoeing Hollywood-Style

Actor Wilford Brimley shares hard-working memories at American Farrier's Association Convention. Written by Fran Jurga for EquiSearch.


Equine Anatomy - The Hoof

Knowing how the equine hoof is constructed will give an understanding of some of the problems that can occur and will also underline the need for frequent attention. Written by Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch.

Chat Transcript - Vance Glenn promo image

Chat Transcript - Vance Glenn

American Farrier Association-certified journeyman farrier Vance Glenn, of the Chester County (PA) Farrier Association, addresses EquiSearch users' questions on hooves and shoeing.


Improving Hoof Quality

Founding EQUUS Medical editor Matthew Mackay-Smith, DVM, addresses a reader's question on improving her horse's hoof quality.