30 Minutes To A Cleaner Feed Room


Feed rooms can quickly become cluttered catchalls. However, if you?set aside a little time just twice a month for feed room cleaning, you can keep?the space tidy and functional. Here's how to do a targeted half-hour blitz.

10 minutes:Sort through your supplements. Pick up each tub and do a visual inspection, then take a quick sniff of the contents. If a supplement has passed its printed expiration date or seems "off" in any way, throw it out. If the product is still good, give the tub a quick wipe-down for dust and make sure the proper measuring scoop is stored inside.

5 minutes:Do the dishes. Gather up any spoons, scoops and other utensils you've used to prepare meals. Take them home and run them through the dishwasher.

5 minutes:Declutter. Place items in their proper place within the feed room. (If you're short on space, a good weekend project might be installing a pegboard or small cabinet.) At the same time, collect all items that don't belong in the feed room in a single box or bag. Take that container with you when you're done, and deliver the items to their proper locations.

10 minutes:Sweep like you mean it. Ideally, you've been sweeping up grain spills as they happen, but you'll still want to do a thorough sweeping to pick up accumulated dust and grain you may have overlooked. Move as many large objects---such as feed bins---as is feasible and reach back into corners with the broom.