A very EQUUS Thanksgiving

As Americans give thanks for our many blessings, this is a good time to reflect on the individuals and institutions that help make our lives and those of our horses so much better.

We give thanks for:

• The ordinary horse people across the country who unfailingly devote their time, resources and energies to keeping their horses happy and healthy.

• The dedicated veterinarians and veterinary technicians around the country who are ready to tend to our horses through good times and bad.

• The researchers all over the world whose work has helped horses live longer, stay healthier and recover more quickly from diseases, injuries and conditions that once claimed countless lives.

• The equine medications that help keep our horses healthy and comfortable and the vaccines that protect them from ancient scourges, such as rabies, as well as newer threats like Potomac horse fever and West Nile virus.

• The instructors, trainers and barn workers who help America’s stables run smoothly. Their hard work allows many of us to focus on what we love best: our horses.

• The equine rescues who take care of the horses left behind in racing, showing and equestrian sport. Their tireless efforts make the horse world a better place.

• Family and friends who support our equestrian pursuits even when they don’t fully understand them.

Have something to add to the list? Share what you’re giving thanks for this holiday season on our Facebook page! 




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