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Learn how strength and being fit improves your horse life in and out of the saddle.

As you exercise, your body adapts to the challenge and becomes stronger. To continue to see results you must change your workout either by adding volume (more repetitions) or intensity (more weight or vigorous practice). Both of these continue to improve your strength. Increased strength benefits a rider in a multitude of ways in and out of the saddle, including better riding, improved health and wellness, and more independence.

Balance Better

Many times when you’re thrown off balance in the saddle it’s not because of the maneuver itself but because you’re not strong enough to counter the force of the movement. For example, you may get thrown forward in your seat in a sliding stop because you’re either out of position, or more likely, because you’re unable to maintain the correct position through the maneuver because you lack strength in your core and legs.

Rid Yourself of Disease

Kelly from Saddle Strong is ready to help you improve your strength in her online course!

All riders, and especially aged riders must be mindful of bone density to stave off conditions, such as osteoarthritis. Weight-bearing exercises, such as the dumbbell and plyometric movements performed in the Saddle Strong series create impact that stimulates bone growth. Similarly, the force of muscles pulling against the bone also increases bone development.

Do More Work

Your improved strength doesn’t just help you when you’re in the saddle. It comes in handy as you do chores around the barn, too. No longer will you have to patiently wait for a friend or spouse to move hay bales, pallets, or full water buckets, you’ll be able to do it yourself.

Look Good, Feel Good

Increased strength means more muscle. Muscle mass increases metabolism, which makes it easier to burn off those extra pounds. Additional muscle also improves general muscle tone so as you gain strength your show clothes fit better. 




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