Glossary of Equine Terms – N

Native Ponies to Norwegian Fjord.

Native Ponies: Another name for the Mountain and Moorland breeds of the UK – i.e. New Forest, Exmoor, Dartmoor, Highland, Fell, Dale, Shetland, Connemara and Welsh.

Navicular Bone: Small bone within the hoof, fitting horizontally between the second phalanx, or short pastern and the coffin bone.

Navicular Disease: Degeneration of the navicular bone, usually on the back surface where the deep flexor tendon passes over the bone. Causes pain and lameness.

Nearside: The left hand side of the horse.

Neck Reining: The art of turning the horse by using the indirect, or opposite rein against the neck.

Neck Strap: Simple leather strap bucked around the horse’s neck to give security to novice riders. Also refers to that part of a martingale which buckles around the horse’s neck.

Nerve Block: Diagnostic tool in which the veterinarian progressively blocks the nerves of the hoof and leg in order to determine the seat of a lameness.

Neurectomy: Cutting of nerves supplying sensation to the foot. Also known as de-nerving. Used as a treatment in cases of navicular disease.

New Forest Pony: One of the native breeds of Great Britain, originating in the New Forest area of Hampshire.

Nick: The division and resetting of the muscles under the tail to give and artificially high tail carriage. (See also Set Tail)

Norwegian Fjord Horse: Ancient breed of horse originating in Norway. See also Fjord Horse.

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