Equine Affaire 2023 Breed Quiz

The Breed Pavilion at Equine Affaire 2023 gives you a chance to meet dozens of fascinating horse breeds from around the world “up close and personal” through association-sponsored exhibits and demos. Representatives will be on hand to provide helpful information and answer questions about their breeds and horses. From miniatures to drafts and from stock horses to sport horses will be on exhibit. Under saddle demonstrations of the breeds featured in the Breed Pavilion will also be conducted throughout the weekend in the main clinic arenas, offering you a chance to understand and appreciate the conformation, characteristics, and aptitudes of horses of different breeds. You can see the full slate of breeds represented by clicking here. How many of these breeds are you already familiar with? Take our breed quiz to find out. Equine Affaire 2023 will be held at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts November 9 -12. To learn more about Equine Affaire 2023 check out the event web site. You’ll find schedules, background about the presenters and the venue and other information that will help you enjoy your visit.




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