Olympic “Rave Horse” goes viral on TikTok

The musical freestyle routine of Steffan Peters and Mopsi has enchanted users of the popular app.

The youths have discovered dressage. And they love it. A snippet of the Olympic Grand Prix dressage musical freestyle of Steffen Peters (USA) and his horse Suppenkasper (Mopsi) went viral on the app TikTok over the weekend. Users appreciated the choice of music: a mix of electronic dance and “house” music, and how well it synced with the movements. A five-time Olympian, Peters is known for his progressive music selections, having ridden in the past to David Bowie, Kanye West and Queen tracks.

The TikTok video was made by someone watching the competition on television. At one point she yells to another person off screen, “Alex, come look at this rave horse.” Raves are all-night electronic music dance parties. Mopsi soon became known as “Rave Horse” on the app. By Saturday night, the video had been viewed nearly 9 million times. 

[edit: The video was later removed by TikTok, but in the follow-up video by the music producer included below you can see the relevant portion of the original.]Peters scored 80.968 percent, finishing 10th in the competition, but based on the comments left on the video, he and Mopsi won the hearts of Gen Y. 

“This horse understood the task and nailed it,” said a commenter with the id jake.zander5797.

“Give the horse the gold,” added a commenter who goes by brittanyfurian

The music producer who combined the tracks, Taylor Kade, soon posted his own TikTok showing a bit of the behind-the-scenes work:

The video’s popularity quickly spread to other social media with the official Olympic Twitter account joining in on the fun: 


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