AAEA offers ‘A Leg Up’ workshop with Leslie Hudson-Tolles

Five-day event is open to equine artists of all levels in their media of choice

The American Academy of Equine Art announced recently that Leslie Hudson-Tolles, Signature Member of AAEA, MS in Art Education and 45-year veteran teacher, is providing equine artists “A Leg Up” in their painting, mixed-media or drawing journeys Oct. 2-6 at Lexington’s Kentucky Horse Park.

According to the AAEA website: “This workshop is different in that it is keyed to you, the artist–not a particular technique. The goal is to meet you where you are and giving you a boost along a path, or a less-traveled road in your journey. 

Leslie Hudson-Tolles
from image on AAEA website

“Need some motivation? Exploration? Help breaking out of the (your) box? Want to (re)capture the joy in the creative process? There will be demos on how she lays out work and demos as needed for both individuals and the group. There will be plenty of discussions of direction, color, tried and true ‘rules’… using them and choosing not to, shortcuts and avoiding pitfalls.

“This workshop will be a safe, fun place to create and grow for artists of all levels in their media of choice. Leslie works in acrylics, pastel, printmaking, graphite, pen and ink, colored pencil and sculpts.”

Workshop Cost
 Members $500.00 USD   Non-members $525.00 USD  

For more information, contact Yvonne Todd at [email protected], call (859) 221-3318 or visit www.aaea.info.

About AAEA workshops

As part of its mission to foster executional excellence in equine art, the American Academy of Equine Art, which is located in Lexington, Kentucky, has offered workshops on many related topics since 1986. Topics range from composition to color usage to the finer details of effectively capturing the form and spirit of the horse—in various traditional media, from paint to pencil to sculpture and more. All AAEA workshops are led by AAEA members who are successful, practicing artists with a passion for sharing their gifts and providing grounded, useful instruction and “tricks of the trade” to students of all levels.

Attendance to all is limited so that students can receive personalized attention. They tend to fill fast, so we encourage early inquiry and signup.

To register: Send your name, address, phone number, email address and workshop title to Yvonne Todd at [email protected].




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