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For stronger hooves and more

There are a few basic ways to ensure the long-term health and soundness of your horse's hooves.
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When your horse has a hoof condition—such as white line disease or a significant crack—don’t waste any time teaming up with your farrier and/or veterinarian to address the problem. A combination of trimming, shoeing and veterinary care increase the chances for a prompt and complete recovery.

Once the immediate crisis has passed, however, there is something else you can do long-term to support your horse’s hoof health: Feed a supplement containing biotin. A B vitamin, biotin supports the production of keratin, a protein that provides the structural basis for hoof horn.

Studies have shown that supplements containing biotin improve the growth rate and quality of hooves. Even horses without hoof problems can benefit from a nutritional boost in the aftermath of an injury or infection. Plus, many hoof-support products also contain other nutrients that are beneficial to the horse’s skin and coat.

There’s no shortage of equine hoof supplements to choose from; just be sure to follow the feeding instructions on the label of the product you choose. Keep in mind that it takes a year for a horse to grow out a new hoof, so plan on feeding a biotin supplement for at least that long. You’ll probably begin to see results within three months, as new improved hoof grows down from the coronary band, but continue with the supplement until the entire hoof has grown out.  

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