An obese horse standing in a field

New podcast episode from Morris Animal Foundation highlights the equine obesity epidemic

Patricia Harris, VetMB, PhD discusses how to determine a horse’s body condition and offers strategies to prevent equine obesity.

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A Global Outlook on Equine Nutrition

Equine nutrition researcher Gulsah Kaya Karasu, DVM, travels the world to help improve the diets—and welfare— of horses.

A horse with a "fat" body condition

Obese horses get a bum rap say researchers

When allowed to make their own choices, fat horses do not eat more than their lean peers and they get just as much exercise.

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Make your horse's hooves stronger

There are a few basic ways to ensure the long-term health and soundness of your horse's hooves.


Horses and the Heat: Why Salt and Water Aren’t Enough

… and where trace mineral blocks come up short. As summer saunters leisurely toward fall, many of us are enjoying increased horseback activity or starting to gear up for socially distanced shows. But while it’s good to keep our horses fit and occupied, their nutritional needs should also be a primary focus.


When probiotics might help your horse

These products are designed to aid a horse’s digestion by restoring the balance of gut microflora disturbed as a result of illness, stress or medication.


The trouble with bran mashes

Though your horse may relish a nice, warm bran mash from time to time, too much of it can do more harm than good.


6 Ways to prevent winter weight loss

People may worry about putting on a few extra pounds during the winter, but cold weather tends to have the opposite effect on horses.


EQUUS Pop Quiz: Toxic Groceries

Do you know what fruits and veggies to keep from your horses? Take this Pop Quiz to find out.

three varieties of horse grain or supplements

Pop Quiz: Horse Nutrition

Pop quiz! Answer two questions on horse feed to test your nutrition knowledge.

horse eating vitamins from tub in pasture

EQUUS Pop Quiz: Vital vitamins

Do you know which five vitamins help regulate your horse's body functions?

Ten Ways to Optimize Your Horse's Digestive System promo image

Ten Ways to Optimize Your Horse's Digestive System

Follow these guidelines when feeding horses to reduce the risk of colic, ulcers and other ills.

How's your hay supply holding up?

Here are tips for making sure your forage lasts the winter

Probiotics Explained promo image

Probiotics Explained

Although much still needs to be learned about supplements that contain “friendly” bacteria, their potential benefits for ill or stressed horses are widely accepted.

Some horses seem naturally more prone to weight loss; a “hard keeper” may have a metabolism that requires more than the usual amount of calories for maintenance.

Feeding horses for weight gain

When your horse is too thin, whether it’s a short-term aberration or a chronic struggle, careful feeding can keep his weight up.

The same reaction that produces goose bumps in people causes a horse. Photo © EQUUS

How horses keep warm

Here's how your horse's fluffy winter coat keeps him warm in chilly weather.


Make sure your horse keeps drinking this winter

Make sure your horse is drinking enough water during the winter months to avoid impaction colic and other health issues.

Collection of oil bottles

Which Oil is Best for Horses?

There are no "bad" oils for horses but some are definitely considered better than others.

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Is your hay too old to feed?

An expert explains the nutrients loss that can happen in hay over time.

Offering free-choice hay can help minimize behavior problems. | Photo © EQUUS

When flexible feeding schedules make sense

A variation in your horse's feeding times won't hurt his health. In fact, in some cases it might be beneficial.

Bottoms Up: Tips for Getting A Horse To Drink More Water promo image

Bottoms Up: Tips for Getting A Horse To Drink More Water

Hydration is key for equine athletes in warm summer months. Try these tips for getting more water into a hot, sweaty horse.