Tips for buying spray bottles

Reliability and longevity are the key considerations.

• Considerations: A spray bottle needs to do one thing—spray product where and when you need it. Reliability and longevity, then, are the key considerations. You may also want spray stream “options” to change the size of the misting range for more targeted application. If your horse is a skittish sort, the sound the sprayer makes may also be a consideration.

• Options: Spray bottles come in a greater variety of materials and price points than you may imagine. Look for one made with chemically resistant material and plastic that can withstand being dropped on the aisle floor. The option to replace only the sprayer portion of the bottle and a “leak-proof” guarantee are also appealing. If you have a large herd or a sound-sensitive horse, a heavy-duty pressurized pump sprayer can easily deliver a nearly silent mist for many seasons.

• Cost: From $1 for the most basic of bottles to nearly $40 for an industrial-grade pressurized sprayer.

This article first appeared in the June 2017 issue (#477) of EQUUS magazine




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