Shopping for waterless grooming products

When time constraints or nasty weather keep you from giving your horse a bath, these products can help him look his best.

Sometimes time constraints or cold weather make it impossible to give your horse a proper bath. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make him look his best. A variety of waterless grooming products are available, made with various botanical formulations and scents.  Here are tips for choosing the best product for your needs.

An Appaloosa horse walking through the snow.
Some waterless grooming products are designed specifically to clean and brighten white coat and white markings when it’s impossible to bathe.

Read feedback on the products. Efficacy is a primary consideration when choosing a waterless grooming product, so look for one that gets good consumer reviews. Ideally a product will removing tough coat stains without leaving a residue.

Consider the specifics. Some waterless products are designed specifically to clean and brighten white markings, so select accordingly if that’s your target area. Many products enhance shine as well as removing stains.

Think about what you really need. The formula is also something to consider: A spray will still wet a horse’s coat slightly, while a truly dry powder shampoo will need to be brushed or vacuumed out thoroughly.

Whichever product you buy, test it on a small area of the horse first to ensure there will not be any adverse reactions or sensitivity.

The cost of waterless grooming products generally ranges from about $12 to $30, depending on the brand and volume.

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